Jan 18, 2012

Day 14 and 15 - Halfway through

Now that I am halfway though, it's becoming a little more work than fun..

I still love the idea and am hoping that the struggles in the second half is what will really motivate me to become more stylish and involved. It's getting tough and I ask, maybe even beg for your help in creating new outfits.. You've seen all the clothes so please send me a suggestion on a matchup... PLEASE!!

I'm running out of ideas..

Day 14

Day 15

SO, you may notice something different about this day.

I did it.

I "bent" the rules.. and here is my excuse:
The magenta flats were originally going to be included in the 30 items. The problem is I couldn't find them. Anywhere. I was sure I had gone crazy but then convinced myself that maybe I had donated them in a wild purging session (which I have often).
Then, last week.. they showed up. Magically. Like someone had placed them underneath 3 pairs of sandals from the summer..

Anyway, since I found them and technically I only had 26 items in my mix, I added them. And I am very glad I did..

Forgive me...

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