Jan 16, 2012

Days 11 through 13

I'm definitely getting to the tricky part of this challenge. Especially on the weekends. I want to look cute and fun but I have to be comfortable and practical especially since I will be spending most of the time cleaning, getting snacks for children, laundry...

So now I have a list for everyday and try to spend my down time, like in the car, thinking about my options and what I can do to spice it up. Bear with me for a while... It might get kinda sketchy..

Day 11

Trouser Gap jeans, Pink Forever 21 sweater, brown scarf??

Day 12


Another confession: I love big earrings.. LOVE them.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Me too! Love your hair like that! Very feminine...and big earrings turn every outfit into something better!!