Mar 25, 2013


It's been a while, I know.

I'm sure no one is really reading at this point but this blog, or journal of sorts, is fun for me and I get enjoyment out of seeing my work published. Even self-published as it is..

This post will look familiar.  Photos of recent sessions with adorable babies and families.  But I'm sure you have noticed the rest looks different...and it will probably continue to change. 

First of all, I am no longer shooting weddings or engagements.  I will miss witnessing beautiful love stories but I have decided to spend more time witnessing my babies growing up!

Second, this blog will act as my business, family and home improvement blog.  Basically, everything I was to document or share will be on here including my quest to make my house a wonderful home for me and my family..

That being said, here is a snapshot of some of my recent work!  There are lots more sessions coming up..

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