Jan 2, 2012

My 30X30 journey... begins!

I've always been fascinated with fashion.. When I was about 14 my mom got me a subscription to Seventeen and I remember Niki Taylor's first cover photo. And still I open the pages of Lucky or Marie Claire and swear by then end of the pages I will become a fashionista.. one day.

Well, most everyone reading this knows me and knows I am far from fashionable.. but I will declare that I have always tried. Always. I use to try really hard and then I had a baby and I tried less. Then I had two more babies and tried even less.. and here we are today.

That personal bit of history is to say this experiment is just for the sake of my happiness and to know that I at least tried again. But, I'd love for anyone to join me here on this journey.. blog about it or send me an email... Someone share it with me. It might be fun!

So here's how it goes... You find 30 pieces of clothing, including tops, sweaters, pants, and shoes and you put together 30 different outfits for 30 days. Using only this 30 pieces.. Excludes accessories like belt, scarves and jewelry. The best part?? NO SHOPPING FOR 30 DAYS.. Good for the soul and the wallet, huh?

I stole this idea from a blogger who stole it from another blog, etc... The root seems to be Kendi Everyday and she has good tips and great examples.

Tomorrow I'll post a pic (thanks to my supportive husband who likes the idea of me not shopping for a month) of my 30 items and of my Day one outfit.. Again, I'd love feedback and comments and support:)

See you tomorrow!


Mia said...

Nikki, I love that you're doing this and can't wait to follow along! You look like you're off to a great start! I do feel sorry for Josh though because I know how you love having your pic taken!! :) I'm going to share this with my friends...

nikki said...

Thanks Mia!
I appreciate your support!