Jan 4, 2012

The clothes..

Here are the clothes I chose for the challenge..

If you are counting closely I only have like 26 items.. I think it's because I lack shoes for the winter portion of this thing.. Either way I decided to just go with these items so It's technically a 26 X 30 mix but whatever..

here are the tops..

Here are the sweaters.. which I need basically everyday because I am perpetually cold..

Here are the bottoms and one dress.. Kendi everday suggests more skirts and dresses but I'm just not a dress/skirt kinda girl.. especially in the winter so I am going out on a limb with this one gray sweater skirt and one brown sweater dress. We will see how it goes..

And last but not least the shoes. I took advice for the challenge and chose some heels although they are generally NOT on my daily wardrobe list.

One last picture of two items in the remix that need to be washed so.. I had to pull them out. A pair of trouser jeans and a striped shirt.

Stay tuned for outfits...


Corinne said...

Love the sweater skirt. Where did you get it?

nikki said...

Thanks Corinne for following.. I got it at H&M a long time ago..