Jan 20, 2012

Next two days..

So, when I started this endeavor I never really thought about how awful I am IN FRONT of the camera but now after seeing pictures of myself on a daily basis... it's really sad.

You would laugh to see what my coworkers and friends go through when they do me a favor and take my picture..

BUT I know you all don't judge.
at least where I can hear you.

SO thanks Christine, Corinne and Camie for the recent pics.. They were all done with cell phones so not the highest quality but nonetheless I have proof I wore these clothes.

Day 16

So.. this photo was taken at about 8 O'colock at night and I'd forgotten all day to have it done so when josh got home we quickly did it in my hall in the dark..

I promise to step up my photo game:)

Day 17

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Mia said...

You are doing AWESOME! I have to admit, I don't think there is any way I could do this.